2 Stupid Dogs

2 Stupid Dogs were a short American lived the animated series of the television created by the caricaturist Donovan Cook produced by Hanna-Barberaa that aired September 1993 to January 1995 in TBS Superstation. After it was canceled, the repetitions continued to air in the Cartoon Network and subsequently on Boomerang. For more information on 2 Stupid Dogs episodes please check back soon.

The main segments of the exposition represented two very stupid dogs, whom were nameless (although the large dog was called “Jonathan” in an episode and “Johnny” in another). Learn more about the 2 Stupid Dogs cartoon characters – The large dog was expressed by Dagger Garrett, subsequent of the television of US – Everybody Loves Raymond, and the small dog was expressed by the Mark Schiff. A segment of reserve, Super Secret Secret Squirrel, represented a modernized takes the classical character of Hanna-Barbera Secret Squirrel. 2 Stupid Dogs were a throws humorous about a stupid dog and another stupid dog, with a style of the animation that was exceptional (in the time); a similar simplistic and very flat style to you throw humorous early of Hanna-Barbera of the fifties and 60s, with the early humor of years ninety and sensibility.

Production of the 2 stupid dogs animated cartoon series

2 Stupid Dogs were the principle of the successful resurgence of fortunes of Hanna-Barbera, since the study had not launched an authentic blow since The Smurfs in 1981. The president of the Entertainment of the lathe operator installed MTV and veteran of branding of Nickelodeon to Fred Seibert as the head of the production.

Various artists and the directors of the exposition came they be the first creative in Seibert innovative what A Throws Humorous! the program; 48 theatrical length, you throw humorous original of character, espresso fact for the Cartoon Network, and designed to find the talent and the blows of the new generations. 2 Stupid Dogs spawned creators Genndy Tartakovsky (the Laboratory of Dexter and the Samurai Jack), Craig McCracken (The Girls of Powerpuff and they Promote at home for Imaginary Friends), the Miles Thompson, Paul Rudish, and Zac Moncrief. Many of trousers were given with the same one to strike two-dimensional, determine style of animation of cartoony.

The plan of Seibert to reinvent the study was of put its faith in the community of the talent, a first one for the animation of the television, and for HB in the detail. Its first tone and first series put in the production in 1992 was 2 Stupid Dogs, by the recent Institute of California of the Arts (CalArts) the graduate Donovan Cook. For more information on 2 Stupid Dogs episodes please check back soon. The exposition was considered by some to be the attempt of Hanna-Barbera to remove party of the popularity of Ren and Stimpy, that was in the height of their popularity when 2 Stupid Dogs episodes strike the air. Ren and creator of Stimpy John Kricfalusi were reputable to add “delicacies of the poor flavor” to the three episodes of Little Red Riding Hood, and to a few other artists of Spumco contributed also to episodes chosen during the exposition.

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