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The Adventures of Tintin

The traditional techniques of the animation were utilized in the series. The books were adhered closely to during all phases of the production, with some frameworks of the original albums to be transposed to investigate directly. In the Moon of the Destiny of episodes and Explorers in the Moon, the animation 3D was utilized for the rocket of Moon – an exceptional step in 1989. The rocket was encouraged in 3D, each framework of the animation then was printed and recopied in celluloid and hand painted in the gouache, and placed in a fund painted. The rocket seen in the succession of the title is encouraged the technical 3D that utilize. Adventures of Tintin photos and episodes.

In the United Kingdom , the series aired originally in the Channel Four in the terrestrial television, and in the Channel of the Family, a Canadian grooves available by the original system of Sky. He was transmitted then in Sky One until the series to be bought by Five.

In India , the series was transmitted by the Cartoon Network in the summer of 2000. The original one runs was followed by many repetitions. The zed Bangla Alpha showed also the series with Bengali dubbings.

In France , the full series has been available per years in the video, produced by Citel, and recently in DVD, with two episodes in each, freed by the same company. A full assembly was published in a box of wood, but the importings recently of the RU have come they be the very popular one owed al price and the convenience. The French DVD frees subtitles represented in five languages. Recently the series was published as a partwork by Atlas of Editions in France , with a pamphlet that accompanies that represents information about the episode and behind the artistic work of scenes.

In Canada , the full series has been freed in the Region 1 DVD, with French and English traces of language with subtitles. Each DVD contains two episodes, fixed in two boxed-assemblies of ten episodes each. For some reason, Tintin in America is not planned for the liberation. The episodes do not have specific order in the disks.

In Australia , the series was transmitted by the Australian that Transmits the Corporation as part of their Children of ABC that programs the block as well as in the ABC2 the digital channel. It has been shown in its complete one runs at least two times, carrying to investigations of the movies of Belvision Tintin. In 2004, a 6 assembly of cash balance of disk DVD of the series was freed by Entertainment of Lunatic. The region 2 Region of the liberation of DVD 2 liberation of DVD

In the United States , the series aired in HBO, in The Channel of the Family, in Nickelodeon, and in the Cartoon Network. An edition limited of Ellipse-Nelvana The Adventures of the series of throws humorous of television of Tintin they are planned for the liberation in DVD in the United States by Universal Studies at home Video around 2007, containing 21 extensive episodes in 7 volumes.

Adventures of Tintin photos and episodes.

The full series has been available three times in the video, with individual episodes freed by Lumiere in 1994 and Video of Mollin in 2000, while the Bay of the Anchor freed a series of five videos, containing four episodes in each (and five in the last one) in 2002-2003. The series has been freed also two times in DVD by the Bay of the Anchor, like a liberation R2 of 5 exclusive disks for HMV and a general the liberation of 10 disks, with soundtracks in English, French and Spanish, but unfortunately not characteristics of subtitles neither excess. The assembly of 10 disks is in the canonical order, although the edition limited the assembly of 5 disks place The first Blue Lotus (likely to look at the back of one of the books).

The series is aired at present globally in more than 50 countries.

Voice artists for the “Adventures of Tintin”


* Colin OR’ Wet – Tintin * Susan Roman – of snow * Foxy of David – Pollack of Captain * Wayne Robson – the Calculation of Professor * they Give Hennessey –

Thomson Police * John Stocker – Thompson Police


* Thierry Wermuth – Tintin * Susan Roman – Milou * Pelissier Christian – Pollack of Capitaine * Henri Labussiere – Professeur Tournesol * Yves Barsacq –

Détective Dupont * Jean-Pierre Moulin – Détective Dupond

Artistically, the series chose a constant look, as opposed to the books (drawn on a course of 47 years, the style of Hergé developed through of early work as The Lotus and subsequent Blue such like Tintin and the to Sting you). Nevertheless, the episodes then televised such as the history of Moon and Tintin in America they show clearly the development of artists during the series. The quality of the animation is good, but should be recalled that the series is on ten-year-old and produced in a budget of the television.

The series was filmed in English, with the timed of the animation to remain the English soundtrack. The French-speaking spectators have found that the French voices itself “hurried” to remain the English time The purists have complained also that French should have been the mother tongue All visual (the road signs, the placards and the settings) remains in French.

The seen series generally by fans is like a faithful adaptation of books of Hergé [the citation needed]. The changes that occurred have been accepted due to the potential audience. Some they feel uncomfortable with the Canadian accent given to Tintin [the citation needed], but is a small subtlety for what has as a result an extremely faithful adaptation of the adventures of Tintin that introduced many fans to the original books, as did the generations of episodes of Belvision earlier.

Changes in the Adventures of TinTin

Inevitably, certain areas of the histories placed difficulties for the producers, that had to adapt the characteristics of the books to a more modern audience. But it should be said that this series was a lot more faithful to the books that the Adventures of Hergé of Tintin, that had been done in the fifties.

The most obvious change was that the books Tintin in the Land of the Soviet, Tintin in the Congo and Tintin and the Alph-Art was not adapted in all. While Soviet and the Alph-Art was untidy for obvious reasons, Congo is a part of the French canon, but due to its indisponibilidad in English in the time and doubtful content was left to fall of the series.

The smallest changes were facts due to the need for requirements of simplification or audience. In The Matter of the Calculation, the group of Syldavian that tries to snatch the Calculation of Professor of the Bordurians in the original book is removed for the simplicity. Screenshot of Tintin in America , showing a scene not in the original book. Screenshot of Tintin in America , showing a scene not in the original book.

For sensibilities of audience, inclination of Pollack for the whisky placed a problem. While the original books not to promote alcohol, they represented it a lot, with a lot of humor based around it and around the results to drink, while in many countries where the producers expected to sell the series, the alcohol is disapproved. Therefore, the international versions of the mark of the series some modifications (inclusive Pollack that drinks lemonade in Explorers in the Moon, and its drunk state to be caused by the “spatial illness”). In The Tiburones Red of the Sea, the original book treated with the theme of the modern slavery, but in the episode of the television was concentrated on the illegal immigration. Besides, while the Africans in the book offered to be simply stokers for the ship that Pollack of Captain has the order of, the version of the television insists on having the characters that do the most sophisticated work in the ship.


Season 1

1. The Crab with the Golden Claws (says good-bye one) 2. The Crab with the Golden Claws (says good-bye two) 3. The Secret of the Unicorn (says good-bye one) 4. The Secret of the Unicorn (says good-bye two) 5. 6. red of Treasure of Rackham. The pure of the Pharaoh (says good-bye one) 7. The pure of the Pharaoh (says

good-bye two) 8. The Blue Lotus (says good-bye one) 9. The Blue Lotus (says good-bye two) 10. The Black Island (says good-bye one) 11. The Black Island (says good-bye two) 12. The Matter of the Calculation (says good-bye one) 13. The Matter of the Calculation (says good-bye two)

Season 2

1. The 2. of the Star that Unlike. The Broken Ear (says good-bye one) 3. The Broken Ear (says good-bye two) 4. Scepter of Ottokar of king (says good-bye one) 5. Scepter of Ottokar of king (says good-bye two) 6. Tintin in Tibet (says good-bye one) 7. Tintin in Tibet (says good-bye two) 8. Tintin and the to Sting you

(says good-bye one) 9. Tintin and the to Sting you (says good-bye two) 10. The land of oil (says good-bye one) 11. The land of oil (says good-bye two) 12. The flight 714 (says good-bye one) 13. The flight 714 (says good-bye two)

Season 3

1. The Tiburones Red of the Sea (says good-bye one) 2. The Tiburones Red of the Sea (says good-bye two) 3. The Seven balls of crystal (says good-bye one) 4. The Seven balls of crystal (says good-bye two) 5. The prisoners of the Sun (says good-bye one) 6. The prisoners of the Sun (says good-bye two) 7. The Esmeralda

of Castafiore (says good-bye one) 8. The Esmeralda of Castafiore (says good-bye two) 9. The Moon of the destiny (says good-bye one) 10. The Moon of the destiny (says good-bye two) 11. The explorers in the Moon (says good-bye one) 12. The explorers in the Moon (says good-bye two) 13. Tintin in America

Credits for the Adventures of Tintin

* Producing Executive: Patrick Loubert, Philippe Gildas, Michael Hirsch, Bertrand-Jaume of Pierre, Clive A. Smith, Deer of Simon * Producing: Robert Defendant * Director: Stephane Bernasconi * Director of Unit: Peter Hudecki * Writer of History: Dennise Fordham * Supervisor of Argument illustrated: Raymond Jafelice * Supervising Producers: Philippe Grimond, Stephen Hodgins * Consultant: Philippe Goddin * Directors Assistants: Marc Northern, Jean-Claude Maitre, Tyler Baylis * production Managers: Nicolas Fish, Steve Chadwick * Coordinating of Production: Jocelyn Hamilton, Paean of Isabelle * Edits to Coordinator: Amelie Aubert * Espresso to Director: Debra Toffan * Supervising to Healthy Writer: Mac Holyoke * Writers of Dialogue: Keith Traver, Annellie Samuel, Mark Grosicki, Chris Harris * Writers of Music: Stephen Hudecki, Peter Branton, Asha Daniere * the Sound Carries out to Writers: John Baktis, Mattar-Hurlbut of Eric, Glenn Barcelona * Supervisor of Assembly: Darrell MacDonald * Writers of Assembly: Grinds-Hughes of Shelley, the Know-how Hurlbut * Damage: Rick Dubiel * the Transfer and to Register Technicians: Mike Reid, Richard Strobel * Regraba the Mixer: The den of the small truck of Tony Akker * the music and Lines: The ray Parker, Jim Morgan, Tom Szczesniak * the Music Produced by: Music of acrobat

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