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Case Closed in Japan and other countries, is a police series of sleeve and encourage for Gosho Aoyama Case Closed DVDs and toys that has been published in the Weekly magazine of Shonen Sunday Case Closed games since 1994.

The series represents the cases of a young Case Closed games private detective that was returned by Case Closed cartoons and Case Closed pictures oversight to a small one by a certain criminal organization. Although its body have been Case Closed pictures shrunk, he continues to resolve many cases and strugging to resolve the mysteries of the responsible criminal Case Closed DVDs and toys organization to return to his normal body.


The Media of the V.GR. publish Police sleeve of Conan in English as Case Closed for American audiences. The funny uses the Case Closed pictures original right to left format and the Case Closed cartoons and Case Closed pictures English names to encourage for the main characters while utilizes the Case Closed games original Japanese names for the secondary Case Closed DVDs and toys characters.

The version to encourage is produced by Case Closed pictures Movie of Tokyo Shinsha and has aired at present 462 episodes of the television (al 29 January 2007 ) and ten movies in Japan , Case Closed cartoons and Case Closed pictures and runs still in the Japanese television today. It airs the Monday in 7:30 in the afternoon in the television Case Closed DVDs and toys of Nippon, and is transmitted also in Japan by the television network to encourage, Animax, that has aired Case Closed games also the series through its networks in Asia of the southeast and Case Closed pictures Asia Oriental. In July 2003, FUNimation announced Case Closed DVDs and toys that they Case Closed games graduated Conan Police for a liberation in the North America, for to be freed as “Case Closed” due to legal matters with respect al name Conan (Conan the Case Closed cartoons and Case Closed pictures Barbarian, although Conan a Case Closed pictures name Case Closed games can be considered to regulate like in Conan OR’ Brien). In the liberations of V.GR. of United Kingdom they are published for Gollancz Sleeve with the same conventions that call.


The tenth movie, the Réquiem of Sleuths [1] was announced in December 15, 2005 and was freed Case Closed DVDs and toys in April 15, 2006 , debuting in the Case Closed cartoons and Case Closed pictures number a position in the Japanese ticket window [2] and remained there by three consecutive Case Closed pictures weeks. Al May 28, 2006 , has earned $25,8 million in the Japanese ticket window. [3]


The last one in the series of its Case Closed games right of vote is a drama of the television of the alive-action that is position in equilibrium for to be aired in the autumn 2006. It would Case Closed cartoons and Case Closed pictures act as a prequel of the present argument, crashing Avoids Oguri like Kudo (Crowbar Kudo), Tomoka Kurokawa Ran as Mori (Rachel Moore), and Takanori Jinnai as Kogoro Mori (Richard Moore)

The English names of sleeve will be utilized, with the original one Japanese in parenthesis in their first mention. The Case Closed pictures names of Japanese are in the Western Case Closed cartoons and Case Closed pictures order, with the surname Case Closed DVDs and toys after the first name, except for Edogawa Rampo (Edogawa is the surname here).

Case Closed pictures

In the principle of the story, of 17 years Case Closed games (16 years in the sleeve) prep school student Crowbar Kudo (Kudo) comes be a boy of 6 years, Conan Edogawa. Force with crowbar Kudo in the principle known as a prep school student detective. Case Closed games A day, Crowbar goes to a thematic amusement park called “the Case Closed pictures Tropical Land,” with its friend of Case Closed games childhood, Rachel Moore Case Closed DVDs and toys (or Ran Mori). It found a case where a passenger of Russian mountain, Kishida (Kenneth in the encourage English), is killed in a spectacularly bloody one decapitation[5]. It resolved the case and then to its return at home, he presence Case Closed pictures a suspicious deal of some men Case Closed games that dress completely in black. A man in the black places he, the blows he downward, and a poison gives him done Case Closed cartoons and Case Closed pictures not test called Apotoxin-4869 (APTX4869), Case Closed pictures that thinks to kill it and not to assure there will be body left to investigate. Although he be not killed by the poison, when he comes to Case Closed games its senses, its body Case Closed DVDs and toys has shrunk downward al so great of an elementary education school boy. [6]


Following the counsel of Dr. Hiroshi Agasa (Dr. Herschel Agasa in the encourage English), Crowbar hides its true identity, Case Closed pictures by fear to that the men in the black find was that he is alive. When Rachel asks Case Closed games its name, the Crowbar places books by Arthur Conan Doyle and Edogawa Rampo and proposes the name Case Closed cartoons and Case Closed pictures “Conan Edogawa.” Agasa says that “Conan” is a relative of its, but he was too busy to take care of a Case Closed games young boy, and he suggests that “Conan” he goes alive with Rachel, and Case Closed pictures as much Conan as Rachel agree. [7]


The father of Rachel, Richard Moore (Kogoro Mori) is an incapable detective. Conan always he resolves Case Closed DVDs and toys the mysteries in his utility. When Conan appears to be barely a boy, the Case Closed games police does not pay any attention to him. Conan in place uses Moore Police putting it to Case Closed cartoons and Case Closed pictures sleep with a rifle-clock of anesthesia [8] and pretending to be Moore utilizing a switch of the voice disguised as a bow tie. [9] Other important characters that appear (some subsequent) is Reservador of parents of Case Closed pictures Crowbar (Yusaku) and Vivian (Yukiko) Kudo, Harley Hartwell (Heiji Hattori), a rival Case Closed games detective of Osaka[10], a thief of gentleman the Boy (??? Ghostly of Thief?? Kaito Kido? )[11], that appears also in Kaito Magical), the inventor of the Shiho APTX4869 Miyano (“Jerez” of codename inside the black organization, returned Case Closed games a boy also after she took his own drug to escape the organization, and then he lives with Dr. Agasa under his new name Ai Haibara) [12], and Case Closed DVDs and toys the Case Closed pictures other members of the Black Organization: The geneva, the Vodka, the Tequila, Calvados, Turkey, the Vermú, wine, Case Closed cartoons and Case Closed pictures Chianti, Köln, and a “chief” mysterious that has only he was mentioned up to now.

Case Closed games

To maintain his cover, Conan he goes to Titan Case Closed cartoons and Case Closed pictures elementary education school (Japanese: The School of elementary education (??? of Teitan?? Teitan Shogakko?)) and Case Closed pictures has joined friendship with three Case Closed DVDs and toys children in the school, George Kaminski Case Closed DVDs and toys (Genta Kojima), Mitch Tennison (Mitsuhiko Tsuburaya) and Amy Yeager (Ayumi Yoshida) that forms the supposed, Smaller, and Police League (Small (??? Police?? Taitei-give of Shonen?) in the original one). Although Conan sits down to play deeply self-conscious with them given its true age, the group of four people has numerous adventures of its own one and Case Closed pictures the trio has Case Closed cartoons and Case Closed pictures shown capable assistants al detective for its age.

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