Meet the strangest cartoon family

The Addams Family

The Addams Family is the descendants of a very long line of witches, of the abnormal copies, of the macabre people, and of other marginalized social various. The family that you throw them humorous, the movies, and the expositions are based around they are said to be but a surviving branch of the clan of Addams. Addams Family costumes have become very popular after the series. Many other “families of Addams” exist throughout the world. Also find resources on the Addams Family movie. They reside, next to a cemetary and a swamp, in 0001 Edge of Cemetary, in a Gothic and dark mansion of the 19th century. Their location never is mentioned, but the inference is that the family lives in the old money inherited of a New England was Based the clan that returns to the trials of the witch of Salem . (Chat Addams was first inspired by its hometown of Westfield , New Jersey , a full area of Victorian mansions reloaded and archaic cemeteries.) Addams Family theme song and Addams Family photos will be added soon.

Gomez Alonzo Addams studied to be a lawyer, but rarely practical al to take absurd pride to lose its cases. He places a lot of stress on the Addams Family values. The is rich of the inheritance and extensive investments, although seems to have the small consideration for the money. Gomez is of the origin and Spanish loves to smoke pure and I play destructively with its model trains. Although head of family, he is also the THE MAYORIA of THE naïve and childish member of the family, with a capacity of short concentration and the endless optimism. In spite of his macabre sense of humor, he is very generous and known to leave his way to help those he considers friends. Addams Family costumes and other resources available on our website.

Gomez is married to Morticia A. Addams (Ridiculous of single woman), an elegant woman of vampish dressed in a Vampire-esque tight black robe with tendrills of octopus-as in the fund. When it played by Jones Villancico, the first character of Goth (before the term still was invented) to appear in the television – a look that inspired, among others, Elvira and Siouxsie of Siouxsie & the Souls in grief. The Morticia cultivated is put in the art, raises man-eat plants, and trims their roses cutting the bud and to save the stems in a vase (“Oh, the thorns are charmers this year”). When does she say in French, the seductive language of the love, a mere one “suzette of crepes” he can throw Gomez in an attack of virgin land, to kiss in love, to begin in the hand and working to the shoulder. With their aristocratic separation, she remains the fresh one, calm the center in the middle of the chaotic events that whirl continuously around the family.

The mansion is full of decorations and exceptional peculiarities as a fish mounted sword with a foot of man that exceed him their mouth, and a polar bear skin carpet in the flat in the entrance that roars when imprudent visitors steps it.

Addams Family theme song and Addams Family photos will be added soon so please make sure to bookmark. In the series more recent animated, Pugsley and personalities on Wednesday places a lot of stress on the Addams Family values and seem to be a combination of its prior, with Wednesday returns its somewhat optimistic and happy boy, al to retain its sophisticated way of the movies and Pugsley recovered some of its genius when comes to the chemistry and machines, but to its intelligence seems still to be quite underdeveloped at times. More facts on the Addams Family movie coming soon. In Values of Addams Family, Gomez and Morticia had a third boy, a son called Pubert (expressed by the Pursuit of Cheryl), a mustachioed and apparently indestructible baby with the ability to shoot the blazing arrows. (Chat Addams created first the name Pubert for the ‘the series of the television 60s, but he was rejected so changed him to Pugsley.)

Other members of the family that lives with Gomez and Morticia includes Uncle Fester and to Grandmother. In the original series of the television, Fester was an uncle of Morticia, and therefore technically not an Addams, although at times he demand the surname as his own one (in an episode, Fester he came he be he confused when someone asked what his surname was, implying that he had none in all). In all the other animated content and filmed, Fester he came be older brother of Gomez, and therefore the uncle on Wednesday and Pugsley. Grandmother is a mother of Gomez in only the decade lives-action television series of the 60. In all the other content, Grandmother is a mother of Morticia (in fact, both animated series of the television has an episode each where surname of Grandmother is mentioned as “Ridiculous”). In the original series of the television, Ridiculous of Mother exists like a character separated of Grandmother.

In the series of the television of decade of the 60, virtually each member of the family showed some characteristic extraordinarily “not human”. Morticia is capable of lighting candles with the sound of a fingertip and relaxes for “to smoke” literally, the curls of emitting of smoke of its body. Gomez places a lot of stress on the Addams Family values and is notably athletic and can carry out the complicated calculations in the head, that does a mechanical sound as he does thus. Most of the popular Addams Family costumes are Gomez’s. Addams Family movie – It Fester he can engender so much the electricity as the magnetism, while Grandmother, besides he is capable of agitating potions of varying the effects, they can fly in a broom (although she be not considered a witch by the standards of the family, since the episode “eve of All the Saints, the Style of Addams” is dedicated partly a neighbor that raises the doubts in the minds of children about of If or not witches exist). Addams Family theme song and Addams Family photos will be added soon.

Pugsley is capable of hanging of branches of tree by teeth (although this characteristic be not only referred to and seen), while Wednesday of six years is sufficient fort to descend its father with judo. Lurch is superhuman strong, and the Thing (whose paranormal nature speaks for he himself) is able apparently teleport of the box to box almost instantly, since he arises of several boxes through the house. None of these characteristics is considered exceptional by any other in the family but in the talents simply as individual treaties that any perhaps possess for coincidence or the development. All is capable of lasting such experiences as lying on a bed of nails, itself stretching, etc without pain and, truly, drift the pleasure of such experiences; Fester can survive a ball of tube directly to the head with the most minimum effect. Addams Family values and other resources.

The Addams Family is a very united family. Morticia and Gomez remain in love toward the one al another, and they handle Gomez crazy when she speaks French. She at times calls her “Bubbele” (Jewish: The small Boy), that responds to kissing it up and down his armaments. They are concerned deeply with the welfare of their children. Although all they share an obsession and the interest in macabre subjects, the Addams Family cannot be considered bad people; in several of the episodes of the television, Gomez is willing to donate the notably large sums to worthy causes, al blow of the visitors already disturbed. They are unfailingly friendly to any they happen to find, if the other party wants it or not.

Most of the Addams Family’ neighboring they are less than understanding, nevertheless. Inside the largest community, the Addams Family is seen like eccentric, dangerous, or worse people. The expositions of television and movies treat with intrusive that try to understand and “to correct” the conduct of the family, and remains frustrated and horrified by the things that the find of Addams Family that entertains. The Addams Family, in turn, they are barely the opponent, and often they are shaken and they are horrified in the actions of the company “conventional”. The fundamental moral premise of the series thus seems to be a message against is of criterion and trying to impose the universal standards of the morale.

Although the Addams Family be marked frequently as the mavericks, this is not really the case. The popularity of the Addams Family theme song has also increased. While they have the small use for the conformity, they do not consider their flavor to be a maverick per themselves, since they have the impression that the majority of the people they share them and, thus, when a confident visitor reacts with the blow to the part of the appliances and disruptive activities at home, they attribute invariably the reaction to another cause, since the notion that nobody perhaps find That such unequal things simply do not occur TO them. It Fester once a family of neighboring meticulous patches of petunia cited him they show since they were “the nothing but rabble.”

Addams Family pictures and photos

The family has a servant in the shape of a hand incorpórea called the “Thing”. The thing has been a friend of Gomez since childhood. The (he is implied that he is male) often he carries out the common tasks and newspapers such as recovering the mail. They have also a to morbid and high servant called Jolt. Morticia and Gomez call it through a bell throws in the shape of a rope of executioner that produces a gong that collides that shakes the house, to that Gives jolts responds instantly with “You called?” (In the series of the television, that is – he never speaks in them you throw humorous of magazine neither the movies.) Addams Family movie The it is also very expert in playing the clavichord. Lurch has expelled various visitors of the localities. Gomez has also to a Cousin one Itt that often visits the family; the long hair covers its body entirely, of the scalp al flat, and is little clear what, if any thing, is under the hair. The speech of Itt consists of incomprehensible chatters, that the members of the family have not comprehension of the problem.

Other guests include sister more old woman of Morticia Ophelia (also played by Jones Villancico in the sitcom) and mother of Morticia (and sister Fester), Ridiculous of Hester (played in the sitcom by Margaret Hamilton, better acquaintance for its portrait of the Evil Witch of the West in The Magician of Oz). The Addams Family has many other eccentric kin that, in the sitcom, was described but never was shown.

Two animated by-product of the television and an animated appearance of the guest they have been produced also by Productions of Hanna-Barber.

The Addams Family first animated appearance was in the third episode of Hanna-Barber The New Movies of Scooby-Doo, “Scooby-Doo Finds the Addams Family” (a.k.a. “Wednesday Loses”), that aired first in BCS Saturday morning September 23, 1972. Four of the original mold (John Astin, Jones Villancico, Jackie Coogan, and Ted Cassidy) returned for the special one that implied the Addams Family in a mystery with the gang of Scooby-Doo. The characters of the Addams Family were drawn to the specifications of the Chat Addams original funny Addams Family costumes. After the episode aired, the fans the most animated adventures wanted that represent the Addams Family, and Hanna-Barber responded in species.

The first animated series ran Saturday morning of 1973-1975 in NBC with a segment on the Addams Family values. In an exit of the original series, this series took the Addams Family on the road in a Victorian-style RV. This series marked also the point where the relations among characters themselves retconned so that Fester was now Gomez’ brother, and Grandmother were now mother of Morticia (although the old relations would be returns to visit in the 1977 television, to maintain continuous with the original comedy of situation). Although Coogan and Cassidy to repeat their roles in the Addams Family movie, Astin and Jones they did not, their parts are refunden with Hanna-Barber voice talents Lennie Weinrib as Gomez and Janet Waldo like Morticia, while none otherwise that a Jodie of eight years they Promote they provided the voice of Pugsley. Again, the characters were drawn to the specifications of the Chat Addams original funny. A season was produced, with the season rerunning the following year.

The second encouraged the series ran Saturday morning of 1992-1995 in ABC after producers realized the success of the 1991 movie of the Addams Family. This series returned al family format of the original series, with the Addams Family set against its sitcom of situation at home. John Astin returned al role of Gomez, and the fame we Tear Taylor and the Villancico Channing took the roles of Fester and Grandmother, respectively. New artistic models of the characters were utilized for this series, although having still a passing resemblance al original funny. Two seasons were produced, with the third year that contains repetitions. The Addams Family theme song became internationally known with the launch of the Addams Family movie. Unequally in this series, Wednesday maintained its macabre one, the attitude that hatches of the movies of the Addams Family, but its facial language of expressions and body transmitted the amusing and unworried attitude of its portrait in the original exposition of the television.

Addams family games

Six videogames freed from 1989 to 1994 they were based on The Addams Family. The Search Fester (1989) was an upper marksman to down that represented Uncle Fester. The platformer of the Addams Family freed itself for the System of Entertainment of Nintendo, Super System of Entertainment of Nintendo and Boy of Play, with subsequent ports for the Genesis of Reaps (was based on the Super version N), Magisterial Gear of System and Play (based on the version N but with the different graphic), Turbografx-Cd (developed separately) and the Spectrum of ZX; these play, freed by Software Ocean (Flying the Edge in the case of the ports of consoles of Reaps) (Simulations of ICOM for the The version), these were based on the first movie before that the series of the television or you throw humorous. The continuation of play, The Addams Family: The Hunt of the Animal that is Fed of carrion of Pugsley (1993), also by Software of Ocean was based on the ABC encouraged the series, and freed itself for Super N and Boy of Play. The Addams Family Values (1994) by Ocean he was based on the continuation of movie and he returned al style of gameplay seen in the original Search Fester. The Addams Family theme song is omnipresent here as well.

A play of the Color of the Boy of the Play freed itself in the decade of the 90 for the promotion of “The New Addams Family.” The play itself holder simply, “The New Series of the Addams Family.” A play of the pinball machine by to half a road (under the label Bullet) was freed in 1992 shortly after the movie. It broke the prior registrations of sales selling on 20.000 units.

Addams Family characters

Addams Gomez

Gomez Addams Gomez is a husband of Morticia and the patriarch of Addams Family. Originally son of Grandmother, this himself to do it later of Grandmother. His brother (originally uncle in law) is an Uncle Fester. The he is represented as a to charm, good-looking (in a Gothic type in the way), and successful man, but he takes a childlike eccentric enthusiasm to all that does. For example his personal portrait represents he being stopped as happily in its head. Generally he you saw in a dark judgment bordered with short, hair of slicked-back and lights up a mustache of pencil-related. Although a peaceful man that is known to be well-versed in many types of battle. The and the near Morticia with leaves at times. The it is extensively rich, and in the episodes of the television is quite arranged to contribute to charitable causes. Their endless love for the expositions of Morticia that while the family is strange, they are truly good people. Gomez is quite proud of the fact that their class of law voted it “Less Probable to succeed.” The Gomez John Astin original did a cameo in the second series of the television as the father to Gomez Addams-a tribute of private joke to the original series.

* It Represented by: John OR Astin (the television of it Lives-Action 1964-1966, 1977, the Animated television 1972, 1992-1994). Lennie OR Weinrib (Encouraged the television 1973-1974) Raúl OR Juliá (Lives action movies 1991, 1993) Cari of Tim OR (action movie Lives 1998) Glenn OR Taranto (the television of it Lives-Action 1998-1999)

Morticia Addams

Morticia Addams Morticia is the matriarch of the Addams Family and places a lot of importance on the Addams Family values , serving as her heart and soul. Her original mother was Ridiculous of Hester (played by Margaret Hamilton in the Addams Family movie), but her origins were subsequent and she came be daughter of Grandmother. (Grandmother came he be subsequently known as Ridiculous of Esmerelda.) Morticia has a sister older Ophelia called. In the sitcom, its wedding brought its Uncle Fester in the family. She has pale skin and a Gothic appearance. She weaves also strange tokens for various members of the family. She is represented as elegant, artistic, and musically inclined (the opera that sings, the tango that dances, and he plays numerous instruments). Gomez said that she was pale and mysterious the first time he it found.

* It Represented by: Or Jones Villancico (the television of it Lives-Action 1964-1966, 1977, the Animated television 1972) Janet OR Waldo (Encouraged the television 1973-1974) Anjelica OR Huston (Lives action

movies 1991, 1993) Nancy OR Linari (the Animated television 1992-1994) Daryl OR Hannah (Lives action movie 1998) Ellie OR Harvey (the television of it Lives-Action 1998-1999)

Pugsley Addams

Pugsley Addams (Sees up for differences among the children of Addams in the series of it you throw humorous/television and movies – Addams Family theme song).

* It Represented by: the Know-how OR Weatherwax (the television of it Lives-Action 1964-1966, 1977) Jodie OR Promotes (the Animated television 1972-1974) Working of Crowbar OR

(Lives action movies 1991, 1993) Jeannie OR Elias (the Animated television 1992-1994) Jerry OR that Upsets (action movie Lives 1998) OR Smith Wide (the television of it

Lives-Action 1998-1999)

Wednesday Addams

Wednesday Addams (Sees up for differences among the children of Addams in the series of it you throw humorous/television and movies)

* It Represented by: Smooth OR Loring (the television of it Lives-Action 1964-1966, 1977 Addams Family movie) Cindy OR Henderson (Encouraged the television 1972-1974) Christina OR

Ricci (Lives action movies 1991, 1993) Debi OR Derryberry (the Animated television 1992-1994) Nicole OR Fugere (Lives action movie 1998, the television of it

Lives-Action 1998-1999)

The Uncle Fester is a bald one, he lowers, man of barrel-formed with the darkness, sunken eyes and a diabolic face. The he seems to carry an electric charge and can illuminate a light bulb stalling it in his mouth. In an episode of the series of the television, he demanded to possess 110 watts of the power. In the second series of the television, the Uncle Fester is abducted for foreigners that do a “twelve package” of Uncle Fester to drive its spaceship. In the first movie of the Addams Family, the Uncle Fester and Gomez had a disagreement that carried to the disappearance of 25 years Fester. It washes the brain by gold-digging Abigail Cowardly (Isabel Wilson) to believe he was its adopted son Gordon, the two trap a plan with the Addams’ lawyer, Alford Tulle to steal the fortune of the family, only ultimately to be frustrated by an Fester head lightning strike, that runs its memory.

* It Represented by: Jackie OR Coogan (the television of it Lives-Action 1964-1966, 1977, the Animated television 1972-1974) Christopher OR Lloyd (Lives action movies 1991, 1993) Rip OR Taylor (the Animated television

1992-1994) Patrick OR Thomas (Lives action movie 1998) Michael OR Roberds (the television of it Lives-Action 1998-1999)

Grandmother is first known like Eudora Addams (mother of Gomez). Later she was to be Ridiculous of Esmerelda (mother of Morticia). Grandmother is a witch that treats in potions, the while and the wrongs of eye of all classes. She is put still in the guessing. Grandmother often discusses with Fester, and the victories. Her registered trademarks are their shawl and hair very curled.

Jane OR Rose (the television of it Lives-Action 1977) Judith OR Malina (Lives action movie 1991) the Villancico OR Channing (the Animated television 1992-1994)

the Villancico OR Kane (Lives action movie 1993) Alice OR Ghostley (Lives action movie 1998) Betty OR Phillips (the television of it Lives-Action 1998-1999)

Addams Family pictures and photos of your favorite characters. Lurch is the to walk dragging the feet, to moan, 8 p (2,4 M) -high superintendent of Monster-As of Frankenstein to the Addams Family. The tries to help around the house as any another superintendent, although occasionally he things of up the shoddiness’s due to its great size and the force. Aside from a wrist without head called Marie Antoinette, Lurch is better Wednesday friend. Surprisingly, he often is seen playing the clavichord and the organ with a great degree of the ability. A lot of the history of Lurch, (inclusive his first name), or the nature of his relation to any another Addams Family is a stranger.

* It Represented by: Ted OR Cassidy (the television of it Lives-Action 1964-1966, 1977, the Animated television 1972-1974) Side OR Stricken (Lives action movies 1991, 1993, 1998) Jim OR Cummings (the Animated Addams Family movie television

1992-1994) John OR DeSantis (the television of it Lives-Action 1998-1999)

The Thing of the thing is a hand incorporeal. Always reputable being played as by itself in the series of television, he would appear he was of cash balance ubiquitous or other convenient tenants through the house. In the movies and in The New Addams Family, the Thing is an entirely hand of mobile, thanks to the introduction to film in a blue screen.

* It Represented by: Ted OR Cassidy (the television of it Lives-Action 1964-1966, 1977) Jack OR Voglin (the television of it Lives-Action 1964-1966, 1977) (when Thing and cousin of Gomez of Cousin Itt, he is a short-stature hair ball that speaks in a sharp and creaky language of the jargon that only the family understands. He is present in most of the Addams Family pictures. None of their body otherwise that hair they are visible. In the second encouraged the series, Itt was a super-spy for the United States . Government.

* It Represented by: Felix OR Chair (the television of it Lives-Action 1964-1966, 1977) (in the screen) of Roger OR (the television of it Lives-Action 1965, 2 episodes) (in the

screen) Tony OR Lean (the television of it Lives-Action 1964-1966, 1977) (the voice) John OR Stephenson (the Animated television 1972-1974) John OR Franklin (Lives action movie 1991, 1993) the Pat

OR Fraley (the Animated television 1992-1994) Phil OR Fondacaro (Lives 1998) David OR Mylrea (television of Lives-Action (in screen) Paul OR Dobson (Lives-Action (in the screen) (presents)

Gomez and Morticia have two children, Pugsley and Wednesday. Wednesday, whose second name is Friday, was originally – as its name suggests – a calm, full, somewhat pathetic boy of the misfortune. Pugsley and Wednesday Addams Family costumes. In the exposition of the television she was a sweet-natured, happy boy, to a large extent concerned with her spiders of favorite animal. A favorite toy was her wrist of Marie Antoinette, that she there was he guillotines, and that she often showed visitors. The movies gave a serious personality with an impassive sharpness, and with a morbid fascination with trying to damage to murder possibly or physically to their brother (she seen it tying in an electric chair, for example, and preparing for throw the switch). She is apparently often successful, but Pugsley never dies. As the majority of the members of the family that seems to live in an immortal medium state.

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