My Secret To Adsense Account Success

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Is your adsense web site a speed bump on the information super highway? Are you struggling to get your adsense account approved?


Do you want adsense account for asian countries like india, pakistan, china or bangladesh?


Has your website or adsense blog left your visitors shaken up, confused and lost? What is your visitor’s satisfaction level after visiting your website?


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Your visitor satisfaction is one of the main key to their decision to bookmark your adsense site, to return, to tell their friends.


Did you think of your visitor’s needs or your needs when you built your website? What are your competitors doing to satisfy the needs of their web visitors?


Have you even looked at your competitor’s websites? The marketing of your website does not end when you think it is finished, you must continue to adapt your website to your visitors changing needs.


Indirect website marketing is generic in nature, it communicates to your visitors that their immediate needs will be met. You must discover your visitor’s immediate needs and unfulfilled needs and satisfy those needs by communicating the value of your website to your visitors.


Put yourself in your visitor’s virtual shoes, look through their eyes. Imagine yourself visiting your website, what are your questions in the beginning, the middle and the end stages of your simulated visit. Did you obtain value from your simulated visit? Write your feelings down, all of them. Now address the needs of your visitors and develop a plan.


Value Exchange For Your Adsense Account Site


You need to tell your visitors up front what is in it for them; you’re exchanging their valuable time for your website content. Your visitors want to feel that they weren’t cheated, that you appreciated their visit and were prepared for it. Your visitors must feel complete satisfied, anything less would send them to your competitors.


Here is an example you need to consider for your adsense blog:


You and your competitor live next door to each other, both of you have the same model car in the driveway.


Your competitor washes his car twice a week and you wash your car twice a month. Along come a visitor to your street, as the visitor passes by both of the cars, he has a mental impression of value in his mind. The cars are exactly the same but, valued differently.

The cars represent your website and that of your competitor’s; the difference is that your competitor washes his car twice a week or rather he continues to adjust his value to keep up with the changes in the marketing weather. He did not know when the visitor was going to come by but, he was ready and the visitor experienced value.


Many website fail to provide a compelling reason for the visitor to feel a need to remember them, a compelling reason to make a purchase, a compelling reason to look to them for more answers should a need arise in the future.


Be the solution to your visitor’s need. Your job is to provide value to the visitor’s experience, value that adapts to changes in the market. Give the visitor a reason to act on what they have learned or a direction they can go. If you satisfy their needs, they will be back.

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