SpyBubble IPhone Tracker Review

SpyBubble Cell Phone Tracker Spybubble (www.spybubblephone.com) is the most popular cell phone tracker software available today. It’s been out there for only one year but managed to overtake other cell phone tracker such as Mobistealth and with ease. This is because of two major factors. The first factor is its price but most importantly what puts SpyBubble Iphone tracker ahead of the competition when you review it is the system itself. It’s reliable app which works on almost every smart phone available today including blackberry, iphone, windows mobile, Symbian (e.g. nokia,) and the Android platform (e.g. Samsung,HTC). It features repertoire are enough to give anyone enough details about the person whose phone you are targeting. This is whether it is your spouse who you suspect is cheating; your kids who is skipping school or even your employee who is stealing.

Here’s a list of features provided by SpyBubble Cell Phone Tracker.

Call logging: Record all incoming and outgoing calls with the relevant times and dates. SpyBubble enable you to see the correspondences that were deleted.

Text message spying: A lot of people send sensitive and confidential information via text message. Spybubble lets you read all sms or text correspondences sent and received even though the messages were erased.

Phone book access: Now you can access all the names and numbers in the cell phone contact book.

Completely Hidden: Your spouse, child or employee will be clueless to the fact their cell phone is being monitored.

Cell phone gps tracker: You can see the exact location of the person’s phone by using this Iphone spying technology. Below is a typical map of what you will see by using this particular feature. As you can see the map includes the street, buildings and a marker to show the location of the phone.

Additional features include:

2 month money back guarantee – This feature is probably the only feature that separates SpyBubble  IPhone Tracker from the competition. Prior to SpyBubble, the average return policy ranged from 3 to 10 days. I applaud this cell phone tracker for offering such a long return policy. It takes time to find just the right moment to install a cell phone tracker, so it is nice to know you’ve two months to get things sorted.

Install on unlimited number of devices – Other than an employer who would like to install a  Iphone tracker app on all their company issued cell phones, unsure who would need an unlimited license, but this feature is offered by SpyBubble  phone tracker.

The way SpyBubble works is just like other  Iphone tracker sold by Mobile Spy or MobiStealth . You simply download the tracker app directly from the cell phone that you want to tracker, run the installation package, and then SpyBubble will secretly start to record a variety of events that occur on the cell phone. The logs are then secretly uploaded to your account (you set this up at time of purchase), and set intervals, giving you access to a ton of data collected from the cell.




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