Are Steroids Essentially Important For Sportsmen?

First class users of steroids use them for more than few year and without break. The question is only in the fact that they must constantly  ready for different championship, to be in good condition for all possible performances and photography, and that demands sacrifices.

I remember Mat Mendenhall such a case. He had potentials to becomes the best body-builder of all the times and peoples. But all the same, several steroids brought him to no, before he could win the nationals title – the aim that he put before himselfs. Phil is another sportsman, who had to pay with his health, for the required continuation of the intake of steroids (to gain muscle weight) at that level. After he had got to the peak of his fame, as a rocket, nothing is heard of him today.

James Demelo gave the hope as a national champion, but he didn’t achieve that because of several quantities of steroids. If I am not mistaking, he is trying to return to the stage now, but at this time, as a “ body – builder ” – success to you, my friend.

Franka Santariello came off second best seriously, after all his successes at the age of a teenager, before he could win the national title. I heard that because of steroids he is absolutely ill. Some people think, that such things do not happen to professionals.

Several professional body-builders, athletes of national teams, all of them are in the same situation. All of their programs are too concentrated, to allow them a break for rest. Since their success depends on “ top-form ”, steroids must unconditionally be used during the whole year.

(from “the reference book about anabolics ”, 6 th. edition, 1991, W. Nathaniel Phillips, extracts from the speech of the former professional of body-building, who held the title of champion for several years.)

The reasons why athletes voluntarily stop the intake of steroids are different. One of the main that speaks in favour of such advantage, of course are different damages to the health. Some athletes stop using steroids by habit, since they heard, that at the end of 12 weeks, there must be the same break in using steroids. For other athletes, it is due to the limited financial possibilities or the fear of doping control.

Often because of the lowered influence of the preparation to the organism, and because of the degradation of the growth, which become noticeable with majority already within few weeks after the intake of the preparation.

And almost all athletes in this scenario are in confusion: the next weeks will be felt with mixed feeling, since they don’t know, what is waiting for them, but those who has already had experience in that ( at times negative experience ), know very well, that the same thing will happen again. And these apprehensions are justified, since majority of athletes get hold of classical symptoms of stopping the course of steroids, such as: losing weight, deterioration of strength, atrophy of muscles and intensive accumulation of fats. These symptoms may lead some athletes to depression, and unwillingness to be in training. Why? Yes, it is simple, the athlete is entering the catabolic phase.

So every sportsmen should consider all these side effects before using steroids.

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