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Cartoon secrets Transformers: Armada DVD toys and episodes Leader of Autobots Autobot, the Optimus. Transformers: Armada games and pictures The leader of Autobot, the Optimus.


* The Optimus

The leader of the Autobots and the protector of the life through the galaxy, the Flower is transformed into a half a truck and is partnered with the Mini-Against, Sparkplug. The cabin of its way of truck separates and forms the Flower he himself Transformers: Armada games and pictures, while the trailer can transform into a way of the station of the operable battle by the Flower and various Mini-Contras. The flower can combine also with its base to form a “Super robot of the Way”. Additionally, the Flower can combine with Jetfire and/or the Overload for the additional power.


* The Hot Shot


The hot Shot is transformed into a car of sport, and is partnered with the Mini-Against, the Shake. This impulsive one ‘bot is the more member youth of the Autobots, whose hot-headedness often obtains it in the situations that cannot handle, but the Optimus sees the potential in it and carves it to be a leader. Transformers: Armada DVD toys and episodes Main it offered the Hot Shot the responsibility to use the Saber of the Star, but he they were deceived by sideways and lost the weapon al Decepticons. It coached in the battle by the Animal that is Fed of carrion, the Shot Hot next test came when he had to confront Wheeljack, their previous associate in Cybertron that blamed it to leave it for dead person in the country of battle, when in the reality, the Hot Shot had tried it to save but had been prevented to do thus by its commander. The hot Shot was absolved against its previous friend, saving the life of inexperienced Autobot Strikes of refilón, that immediately a shine took him al greater ‘bot. When Transformers: Armada games and pictures Optimus was sacrificed to save the Land, the Hot Shot assumed the command of the Autobots, but was happy to abandon it when the Mini-Contras they restored Main to the life. * Alerts red


The Autobots’ expert medical, that is transformed into an ambulance and is partnered with the Mini-Against, Longarm (Hook). The red warning enters battle less frequently that the other Autobots, Transformers: Armada DVD toys and episodes remaining generally to protect the base, but its talents are not less appreciated, especially by individuals as smoke Screen, whose life he saved. The red warning was among the Transformers lit for the Mini-Contras (coming to be alerts red of Powerlinx with Powerlinx Longarm).


* Smoke Screen


It thought originally to be one of the members of the team that accompanied the Optimus to the first Land, the villain, sure smoke Screen entered the portal of spacebridge late, and the resultant deformation caused him that you are carried out some time later, under the city, where he found the children and other Transformers that seek for the last one Mini-Against. After a brief case of the erroneous identification that to see the children he flees, he joined with the Autobots and came be a guardian of the Protector of Skyboom. Later, while he protected the Mini-Contras of the Spurt of the Transformers: Armada DVD toys and episodes Réquiem, the he invaded Decepticons the Autobots’ the base and he demanded the weapon, it utilizing to wound fatally smoke Screen, that tried to be defended still as his body melted. The red warning could preserve its Spark, and to build a new body for him, it entertaining Raises as ( Grap Super Way ). The smoke screen is is transformed into a crane, and when Around, comes be a spade of the vapor. The it is partnered with the Mini-Against, Transformers: Armada DVD toys and episodes Liftor (the toy of the moment is partnered with another Mini-Against, Denies, that did not appear in the animated series). The image:. jpg


* The Animal that is Fed of carrion


The animal that is fed of carrion has the distinction of is the Autobots that taught Optimus Prepares the ways of the battle. Arriving in the Land in the order of the Flower, the Animal that is Fed of carrion placed as a mercenary that unites the Decepticons’ the side to learn information in its plans and put them in the trace of the Protector of Skyboom. Its done mission, the Transformers: Armada games and pictures Animal that is Fed of carrion then returned al duplicity of Autobot, taking the Hot Shot under the wing and him giving its extraordinary mark of the instruction. The animal that is fed of carrion is transformed into a payloader, and is teamed with the Mini-Against, Rollbar.

* Blurr


Refresh and far away, Blurr is one of the smooth subsequent additions al team of Autobot, partnered with the Incincerator Mini-Against, that can convert its car of alternate sport the way in a flying form. The thought initially of the mini-contras instruments as mere, a thought which Personage slowly shot downward, it forcing to realize that the mini-contras were transformers also. Blurr possesses the immense velocity, still when Burner of trash is not connected him. Transformers: Armada games and pictures Blurr saved once Strikes of refilón of the capture in Cybertron, a fact that tries to live downward. As a consequence, Strikes of refilón sought was him in Land and begged the Autobots to permit against that to unite the team, a decision in which Blurr protested Transformers: Armada DVD toys and episodes immediately.


* Jetfire


The second in order of the Autobots in Cybertron, Jetfire left Cybertron around the same time as the Decepticon, the Push, and arrived in the Land in the time to throw a monkey wrench in the bad tactical plan. In its next Transformers: Armada games and pictures subsequent battle, he was able once more to frustrate the schemes of the Push utilizing its special ability to combine (the connection of the Power) with the Optimus, Transformers: Armada DVD toys and episodes that the Decepticon had failed of justifying. Jetfire is transformed into a space shuttle, and is partnered with the Mini-Against, Comettor. When a combatant, Jetfire is very powerful and capable. Nevertheless, he is a very boastful individual, recalling constantly the other autobots of his greatness and his degree. The he has been shown to fear Optimus’ the ira in a point or another nevertheless.


* He Strikes of refilón Transformers: Armada games and pictures


A young one Autobot anxious that arrived from Cybertron to unite Optimus the forces of the Flower, and Blurr immediately recognized, that he hadTransformers: Armada DVD toys and episodes saved him in Transformers: Armada games and pictures Cybertron. The Optimus appointed the Hot Shot Strikes of refilón to associate, it charging with maintaining an attentive eye on the enthusiastic youth. It was not so well, as Strikes of refilón almost was captured immediately by the Hot Shot rotated of friend-enemy, Wheeljack, forcing the Hot Shot in a confrontation with its old ally to save Strikes of Transformers: Armada DVD toys and episodes the life. The it succeeded, but taught Strikes of refilón a hard lesson about the war, and about him quick calmed up, being shown to a valuable member of the force of Transformers: Armada games and pictures Autobot during the Battle of Unicron. Strike of refilón transform into a car of sport, and be partnered with the Mini-Against, Nightbeat, that can convert its form of vehicle in a high speed way of the pursuit.


* Overload


Apparently a not sensitive platform of handmade weapons by the Mini-Contras at the same time that entertained the body of the Optimus, the Overload can convert of the way of vehicle in an assembly of tubes and to combine with the Optimus for the power of aggregate fire. The it is shown also to possess a way of robot, seen only once in a massive scene, but does not show the signs of any intelligence neither the life. The toy of the overload is packed with the Mini-Against, the Launch, that appears in the exposition in its role of the cabin of Overload and head, but in a still more most minimum capacity than its larger associate.


* Rhinox


An old one, member of elite of the Maximal, he happened in the Wars of Beast. After his mind to be manipulated by Predacon Megatron when he spreaded his virus, Optimus Primitive he finished the conflict and sacrificng he himself. Rhinox saw the error of his ways and came be not only a Maximal again, but an Autobot done and right. After it be experienced to a cause of the wave of the quantam by an accident of Energon in Cybertron, he came be a Transmetal, with capabilites metallic advanced of tranforming and the power to resist the effects of Energon raw, The is transformed into a form improved of his transformation of rhinocerous that obtained in the after a time alabée in the passed Land. Now he can come he be a skiing-mobile one if he needs to obtain traction in a tight situation. Transformers: Armada games and pictures Although he be not seen almost in all in the series, in the final episode that we see him preparing in a jet of the attack after to hear the Hot order of the Shot to undertake the assault final Transformers: Armada DVD toys and episodes against Unicron. he is partnered with the Mini-Against, Armorhide, that can enlarge his force ten times.

Decepticons leader of Decepticon, leader of Megatron Decepticon, Megatron Galvatron, al side Demolishor and Cyclonus. Galvatron, al side Demolishor and Cyclonus. Transformers: Armada games and pictures


* Megatron/Galvatron


The powerful and malicious leader of the Decepticons, Megatron is a general refined and focused that he treats to his troops with the small care, but still he instills him with genuine respect for him. Although generally severe and unflappable outside, there are many opposite emotions with Megatron – he has dedicated its life to fight, to the point that knows nothing more, and the suggestion that its days to fight would be able to be on the you cause it a lot of consternation. The death of the Optimus had such effect in it, it sinking in a deep depression that resurrection of Optimus broke was it of. Subsequently, Megatron was among the Transformers that had their powers they enlarged for their Mini-Against, coming to be Galvatron and returning to Cybertron with a vigor renewed for the conquest. Nevertheless, the exit of the threat of Unicron was ignored by Galvatron, forcing Starscream to be sacrificed to do their leader sees the truth, and Galvatron again he came to fear the end of his war before the power of Unicron. Galvatron entered the body of Unicron along with the Optimus, and was absorbed in the body of demi-god and mind, but when the Autobots’ allies of human liberated the Mini-Contras of the slave of Unicron, Transformers: Armada DVD toys and episodes Galvatron was liberated also, and, believing that the threat of Unicron to be on, challenged Main to a final sorrow. * Starscream


Starscream. Starscream.


Through the multiverse of Transformers, the name Starscream carries the connotations of the treason and a desire to govern the Decepticons… but the Starscream of this universe was different. The it abhorred its commander, Megatron, but out of no desire to assume the command of the Decepticons – simply on account of the abuse and complete contempt Megatron piled on him. It did inevitably the last one of the to gain Decepticons its Mini-Against of associate, the Swindle, Starscream then was manipulated by sideways in a sorrow with Megatron, that Starscream lost immediately. A short time later, Starscream, the property given of the Saber of the Star was done al foolish in the plan of the Push to steal the Spurt of the Réquiem of the Autobots, that carried him to be abandoned in the country of battle. Surviving to return to the base of Decepticon, Starscream passed a binge with the sword and repudiated the Decepticons, the up the covering with the Autobots cautious, out of no desire for do good, but out of complete hatred for Megatron. After a collision with the Hot Shot and a trip to Mars with Jetfire, Starscream to offer friendship to the Autobots’ Transformers: Armada games and pictures allies of human, especially Alexis, and then gave the access of Autobots to the base of Decepticon, having as a result a raid that liberated all the Mini-Contras captives. Deffection of Starscream was not without difficulty nevertheless; he collided constantly with the Autobots on strategies of morals and battle. Nevertheless, he resulted an Autobot capable. Nevertheless, it Pushed (he himself to be manipulated by sideways) then trifled with Starscream, planting the seeds of the doubt in its mind that caused finally that stole the Protector of Skyboom of the Autobots and the return al duplicity of Decepticon, giving the bad possession of robots of all three weapons Mini-Contras. Subsequently, Starscream was among the Transformers lit for its Mini-Contras (the American toy regrouped Starscream Transformers: Armada DVD toys and episodes and the Swindle Thundercracker and Zapmaster and treated them characters as different, while the American encouraged the series he continued to utilize its original names, with a line put in the English they double that sees Starscream Transformers: Armada games and pictures the comment in its similarity to Thundercracker). Returning to Cybertron, Starscream compromised the Push in the battle when he revealed its treason stealing the Spurt of the Réquiem and Skyboom Protect. Starscream failed in the battle, and the Push delivered the weapons to sideways and its teacher, Unicron, Transformers: Armada DVD toys and episodes at present disguised as moon of Cybertron.

* Demolishor


All they need a loyal one growls, and Demolishor is Megatron. The undoubtedly following orders in each return, Demolishor is transformed into a tank of missile and is partnered with the Mini-Against, the Blackout. The it was among the Transformers lit for its Mini-Contras (coming to be Powerlinx Demolishor with the Blackout of Powerlinx).


* Cyclonus


You know to the types that always they seem barely that little bit one “far away”? That is Cyclonus. Each army has to a type that is recorded because signifies that he obtains to shoot the things, and he is clear that that is what Cyclonus lives for, cackling crazily as he breaks down and strafes Autobots upper in his alternate helicopter the way. The he is partnered with the Mini-Against, Crumplezone, that can convert also to an extension of the cabin of the pilot for its ‘the way of helicopter that extra fire power gives it or active the rifles that throw al air out of its knees. The push supports before its death. The push supports before its death.

* Unicron


A primitive force of the badly of the principle of time, its origins lost to the fogs of the history, the personifición of every darkness and the hatred that remains in spying in the hearts of all beings, Unicron, defeated by the warrior of Autobot, the Supreme Omega, in some time in the old past, hid in the simple view of the Transformers, disguised as the moon of its planet Home, Cybertron. Transformers: Armada DVD toys and episodes In the order for re to be energized, Unicron established some of their own cells inside Cybertron, where they grew and “left the egg,” giving birth the Mini-Contras. It was the intention of Unicron that these small robots would enlarge the ferocity of the war of Autobot/Decepticon, permitting Transformers: Armada games and pictures Unicron to feed of the hatred that the war promoted – but as a consequence of interefence by human children, displaced person in the time of the 21st century, the Mini-Contras developed sentience, and Cybertron fugitive, colliding in the Land, where they inactive layman for Transformers: Armada DVD toys and episodes a million years. And Unicron expected.

* Megatron – Tank (also released as Hero Megatron and as a Gobot)

* Jhiaxus – Cybertronian spaceship


Cartoon secrets Jets


* Starscream – F-15 Eagle

* Ramjet – modified F-15


Cartoon secrets Skyscorchers


* Eagle Eye – Saab Grippen

* Afterburner – F-104 Starfighter

* Terradive – F-8 Crusader

* Windrazor – F-16 Falcon


Cartoon secrets Gestalt Teams


* Constructicons – See Generation 1

* Combaticons – See Generation 1


Cartoon secrets Laser Rods / Cycles


* Jolt – Old-Style Racer

* Sizzle – Black Hot Rod

* Road Pig – Motorcycle


Cartoon secrets Rotor Force


* Ransack – WWII Fighter

* Powerdive – Helicopter

The awaking subsequently of the Mini-Contras enlarged once more the rhythm of the war, and to accelerate the act, Unicron created another is of its own body, sideways, for serve as its agent for the purpose of manipulating constantly the events in the Land for maintain the equilibrium of the power changing for always, the both-sided ferocity enlarging constantly. In the culmination of its plan, the acquired Decepticons all three weapons Mini-Contras – the Saber of the Star, the protector of Skyboom and the Spurt of the Réquiem – that sideways and the Push then stole and revived Unicron. Mute of the lunar skin, Unicron al was transformed way of the robot and turned on Cybertron as the armada combined of Autobot/Decepticon tried to stop it in vain. The Optimus and Megatron (now Galvatron) entered their body with the human children, and Unicron directed them for sideways form, absorbing all but Optimus in their knowledge and brining collective that the Mini-Contras they support under their control. Nevertheless, from inside of the mind of Unicron, the Rad could utilize its connection to the highwire to restore the Mini-Contras’ the minds of individual, liberating the weapons and defusing Unicron. With the danger apparently on, Galvatron challenged Main to a final battle, but al I hate among the enemies beat Unicron to the life again, and Galvatron realized that to break the circle, he had to be sacrificed. Sinking it in stomach of Unicron, Galvatron finished the hatred, and in a powerful Transformers: Armada DVD toys and episodes sparkle, Unicron disappeared without a track.


Cartoon secrets the Mold Transformers: Armada games and pictures


Cartoon secrets The United States . Throw (the Armada)


It fixed alphabetically by surname.


* The Mark Acheson – Unicron * Brown Gift – Cyclonus * Tiza of Gary – the Optimus * Jim Conrad – Narrator * Michael Dangerfield – Wheeljack * Brian Dobson

– alerts red * Michael Dobson – Starscream * Paul Dobson – sideways * Brian Drummond – Blurr * Andrew Francis – Bile * the Hill Kill – Carlos * David Kaye –

Megatron/Galvatron * Scott McNeil – Jetfire * Milling of Brent – The hot Shot * the following day of Kirby – Rad * Colin Murdock – Pushed * Doug Parker – Wave of

the tide * Neighborhood pear Cider – the Animal that is Fed of carrion * Tony Sampson – Fred * Sanders of Alvin – Demolishor * S. of Tabitha. Germain – Alexis *

Sam Vincent – Strikes of refilón * Valley Wilson – smoke Screen AROUND


Cartoon secrets the Japanese Mold (Legend of Micron)


* Toru Ohkawa – Convoy * Ikuya Sawaki – Ratchet * Kousuke Okano – the Hot Bar * Katsuhisa Houki – Grap * Keiji Fujiwara – Devastor * Susumu Chiba – Jetfire, Binge *

Kiyoyuki Yanada – Megatron * Jin Yamanoi – Starscream, Shockwave * Koji Yusa – Ironhide, Pushed * Isshin Chiba – Storm of sand, Silverbolt * Takahiro Sakurai –

Doubleface * Katsumi Chou – Unicron * Masataka Nakai – Rad, the Bank * Yukie Maeda – Carlos, Arcee * Akira Tomisaka – Alexa, Wheelie/Bumble * Tarusuke Shingaki –

Bile * Nobuyuki Kobushi – Jim, Stepper


Cartoon secrets fear musicalsCartoon secrets Mini-Bots


* Beachcomber – Dune Buggy

* Brawn – Land Rover styled SUV

* Bumblebee – Transformers: Armada games and pictures Volkswagen Beetle (reformatted as Goldbug)

* Bumper – Mazda 323/Familia 1500XG (Bumper was a mold similar to Bumblebee/Cliffjumper that was sold albeit erroneously with the rest of the first series.)

* Cliffjumper – Porsche 924 Turbo

* Cosmos – Capsule-like Spacecraft

* Gears – 4×4 Pickup Truck (with off-roading lights over the roof)

* Hubcap – (retool of Cliffjumper as a Porsche 924 with a normal-sized rear spoiler)

* Huffer – Cab-Over-Engine semi truck cab

* Outback – (retooling of Brawn, with a more realistic front towing rig)

* Pipes – (retooling of Huffer)

* Powerglide – A-10 Thunderbolt

* Seaspray – Hovercraft Transformers: Armada DVD toys and episodes

* Swerve – (retooling of Gears as a utility pickup)

* Tailgate – (retool Transformers: Armada games and pictures of Windcharger, now with a symmetrical hood)

* Warpath – M551 Sheridan tank

* Wheelie – Cybertronian Car

* Windcharger – Pontiac Firebird Trans-Am


Cartoon secrets The United States . (The armada)




* “Transforming: The Theme of the armada” by Entertainment of SD


Cartoon secrets Japan (Legend of Micron)




1. “Transforming – Dreams again” for 2. Psychic of Lover. “It transforms – Koutetsu not Yuuki” by Hideaki Takatori




1. “Never Road of Conclusion” for 2. Psychic of Lover. “Does not Resign” by Psychic Lover


* The Push


Stealthy hunt al spying the skies in his way to reaction, helped by his optic powers of invisibility of camouflage, the Push chose personally the Hell Mini-Against to his associate when he arrived in the Land of Cybertron . It announced as a magisterial tactic and general, the Push new plans certainly seemed to confirm that fact, except he al had failed factor in the arrival of Transformers: Armada DVD toys and episodes Jetfire and its combination with the Optimus. Following to be disrepected for these reverse and an intruiging finds with sideways with the promise of great to be able and the respect, the Push began to influence negatively Megatron, while fixing al same time a plan that saw manipulates he Starscream and permitted finally the to gain Decepticons the possession of all three weapons Mini-Contras, that Pushed then met in the powerful Tube of Hydra. Behind in Cybertron, nevertheless, the treason of the Push was revealed when he fled with the Spurt of the Protector and the Réquiem of Skyboom, him delivering to sideways, that utilized him to activate his teacher, Unicron. Following sideways robbery of the Saber of the Star, Unicron he was activated completely and he was transformed to its way of the robot, with the Push perched in the shoulder that directs its attacks – or, at least, that is what Push although.

Cartoon secrets Cars


* Bluestreak – Nissan 280ZX Turbo Transformers: Armada DVD toys and episodes (Later referred to as Silverstreak for trademark reasons.)

* Blurr – Cybertronian Car

* Grapple – Crane (later referred to as “Autobot Grapple” for trademark reasons.)

o Note: In the pilot episode a similar Autobot was seen named Hauler, this may or may not have been the same character

* Hoist – Toyota HiLux tow truck

* Hot Rod – Cybertronian Car (Later referred to as Rodimus Major for trademark reasons.) Transformers: Armada games and pictures

* Hound – Mitsubishi-made Jeep J59

* Inferno – Mitsubishi-Fuso Fire Truck

* Ironhide – Nissan C20 Vanette

* Mirage – Ligier JS11 Formula 1 race car

* Jazz – Porsche 935 Turbo Transformers: Armada DVD toys and episodes (later referred to as “Autobot Jazz” or “Meister” (his Japanese name) for trademark reasons.)

* Kup – Cybertronian Pick-up

* Prowl – Nissan 280ZX Police Interceptor

* Ratchet – Nissan C20 Vanette Ambulance (later referred to as “Autobot Ratchet” for trademark reasons.)

* Red Alert – Fire Chief styled Lamborghini Countach

* Sideswipe – Lamborghini Countach LP500S (later referred to as Side Swipe for trademark reasons.)

* Skids – Honda City Turbo

* Smokescreen – racing modified Nissan 280ZX-R

* Sunstreaker – Supercharged Lamborghini Countach

* Tracks – 1978 Chevrolet Corvette

* Trailbreaker – Toyota HiLux

* Wheeljack – 1976 Lancia Stratos Turbo

* Wheeljack


Wheeljack was previously an Autobot that serves in the same company the Shot as Hot in Cybertron. When the two they were got in a conflagration in the country of the battle, and Wheeljack was held low debris, the Hot Shot was forced to leave it to obtain it, but was prevented to return to its side of the friend by its commander. Wheeljack believed that that Hot Shot had abandoned him, and when Megatron found and rescued him, he swore the loyalty al commander of Decepticon. Nowadays, Wheeljack arrived in the Land around the same time as the Autobot, Strikes of refilón, and tempted the Hot Shot in a blazing confrontation, them forcing to revive the past and to put their matters to rest so they would be able to pass to fight like the enemies. The hot Shot gained the victory, and something Wheeljack interior seemed to soften, as, when both returns of factions to Cybertron, he offered the Hot Shot an audience with Megatron (now Galvatron), and worked closely and faithfully with him during the Battles of Unicron. Wheeljack is transformed into a car of sport, Transformers: Armada DVD toys and episodes and possesses the power of Transformers: Armada games and pictures teleportaion. Additionally, he can create the false duplicates of he himself. His toy is partnered with the Mini-Against Rolls up Complete, that does not appear in this capacity in the animated series. What puts him aside from the other Decepticons, is that he does not carry the symbol of Decepticon. Instead of that, he lights up his old symbol of Autobot, damaged and marked of the old battle of Cybertron. The Wave of the tide is a lot more large than the other Decepticons. The Wave of the tide is a lot more large than the other Decepticons.


* Wave of the tideCommanders Transformers: Armada DVD toys and episodes


* Optimus Prime – Tractor Trailer

* Ultra Magnus – Car Carrier

* Rodimus Prime – Cybertronian Truck

* Alpha Trion

* Elita One – Cybertronian Car

* Emirate Xaaron


The Wave of the tide, heavy and colossal is the very gigantic one of the Decepticons, arriving in the Land shortly after the Push to treat the Autobots one from its the majority of the severe beatings. The Wave of the tide is transformed into an immense warship, that is able separates on the other hand in three smaller vehicles, called collectively the “Dark Fleet”, that can combine with Megatron to endow it with capacities of flight and extra fire power.

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